Abattis – ATTBF Investors Sing The Blues As CEO Mike Withrow Unexpectedly Exits The Throne Room

I’m not a fan of hosting pity parties or erupting with obnoxious levels of optimism to help sugercoat a painful experience.

The Abattis CEO and former mastermind, Mike Withrow, that many investors came to respect over these past couple years has been replaced with William Fleming.  ATTBF fell below 10 cents per share and is sitting deep in the red.

Financial data was released on 1/28, and aside from a little revenue from Phytalab, the big buck opportunities are yet to be witnessed.

There it is.  That’s the reality.  For the longs, this hurts.

Following these discouraging announcements, many long term ATTBF investors have officially thrown in the towel, washed their portfolio clean of the remaining shares, and made no hesitation in voicing their anger and disappointment.

Do I blame them?  No.  I’m also disappointed.

And for the ATTBF investors acting as if they’re overjoyed that the stock they bought at 20 cents — or 50 cents — or even 2 dollars — is now sitting between 7 and 10 cents because it provides a new, incredible buying opportunity — let’s get real.  You may be stocking up right now, but you’re also feeling the pain with everyone else.

Will I follow the sellers?  NO.  Not based on these events alone.

This story has yet to entirely play out, and it’s very easy to lose focus of the long term possibilities, while solely concentrating on the potential catastrophes, when you’re smacked upside the head with multiple disappointments all at once.

Yes, I have mixed feelings about what transpired in January 2015.  Although it’s easy to touch on the negatives, I think we should also carefully take time to reflect on some positives.

I want to congratulate a rather popular Abattis advocate on both the Investors Hub community and Twitter who goes by “Shark Attack.”  This individual just recently presented an excellent 12 point summary explaining why he remains an ATTBF long on I-Hub, and it’s worth the read for anyone sitting on either side of the fence.

You can read the official posting here, but I’ve also provided a copy below, since I’ve had a couple of my readers imply that posts often mysteriously disappear on I-Hub.

Originally posted on Thursday, 01/29/15 08:46:54 AM

Shark Attack Abattis

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Caught on the wrong end of a pump and dump? You probably just need to move on.

This is the first email reply post in what may eventually develop into a special topic.  I’m essentially issuing a public response to questions and comments submitted to me by email, because the information could also be very helpful or interesting to others.

I’m quite regrettably late in responding to this individual, and he actually contacted me in late 2014.  Better late than never, I guess…………..

From: k***********@gmail.com

Hello there,

I have my money in anas and qasp. i already lost 95% of my money in anas bought it back at 0.0075 now down to 0.0003. I need your help now. Is good idea to buy more now to bring my coast down or we will see a rs here and lost all our money. Please help me out.

I should first clarify that I have no intentions of ever telling someone “you should invest ‘x’ dollars into company XYZ.”  I’m not your financial advisor.  I don’t know your personal goals, current financial health, or risk tolerance.

However, I can sympathize with the crooked turn that befell ANAS and I have to say it’s no surprise to me that it’s sitting in the gutter.  This stock had all the classic pump and dump symptoms and the reputation of the previously so-called “benefactor,” Ray Barton, has really come into the light.  It’s not pretty, and I’d move on without looking back.

I’m not acquainted with QASP, but if its fundamentals are not any more impressive than ANAS, you might as well cut your losses and seek out new investments.  Chasing the end of a dump and hoping for another pump to resurrect the share price doesn’t pan out too often.

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You Can’t Push Abattis CEO Mike Withrow Around – Lessons From Vertical Designs and Affinor Battle

Mike Withrow

If you follow Abattis Bioceuticals closely enough, you may have felt as if you were reading a suspense novel during the month of December and especially after Christmas of 2014.

Shortly after Abattis was able to successfully add to its legal victories over Herbal Analytics, Affirnor Growers, LLC, Nicholas Brusatore, et al (please see “Abattis Obtains Preliminary Injunction Against Defendants In King County, Washington State Court..”), Vertical Designs Ltd. (VDL) issued a notice that the license with Abattis had been officially terminated due to a breach of the agreement.

Abattis CEO Mike Withrow didn’t waste any time.  The very next day, he issued a statement rejecting the termination notice, claiming that Abattis maintained possession of the license, and suggesting that further legal proceedings against VDL would likely ensue in the near future.

Most fascinating of all, Mike showed no intentions of holding back his true feelings.  He openly criticized the VDL statement as an effort to “retaliate against Abattis and its shareholders” and further described those responsible for the announcement as “schemers.

If you visit message boards and other internet media, you’ll find some Abattis (ATTBF) and Affinor (RSSFF) holders bickering back and forth over these issues, almost like a grudge match.  Amid the banter, however, you’ll also find some very interesting discussions about Nick Brusatore of Affinor.  Some specifically berate Brusatore for playing games and issuing “fluff PR’s” as backlash for Abattis’ victories.

I remain confident in Abattis Bioceuticals (ATTBF) and here’s why……

I’m not about to dive into any legal arguments or make conclusions about the future outcome of any legal battles.  I’ll leave that to Abattis management and the courts, as it appears ATTBF already has the upper hand.

But I will say this.  I don’t believe for a split second that Mike Withrow would have been so frank and presented such bold statements on December 31 (2014) about the suspected purpose behind VDL’s statement —unless— he was especially confident that it was true.

If there was merit to VDL’s claim, December 31st and the following days would most likely have been met with complete silence from Abattis.  Mike isn’t the type to call specific attention to a situation while knowing it’s highly likely to blow up in his face a few months down the road.

This isn’t a football game.  This is an investment.

I’m aware that any CEO can puff out his chest and gather praise and admiration from his stock holders for “looking tough.”

Bear in mind that there’s a right way and a wrong way to stand up for your company and demonstrate leadership.  For example, if you want to see a perfect, recent example of a CEO leading the way to absolute disaster in the marijuana industry, I recommend you research Bill Chaaban of FITX and his arrogant communication style.

But rest assured that the goal here with Abattis and Mike’s statements isn’t simply to motivate investors to swing their pom-poms and cheer faster.  Instead it’s a declaration that Mike understands shareholders’ frustration and he’s not going to tolerate competition and “schemers” that overstep their bounds.  Mike clarified his stance while maintaining his professionalism.

I, for one, am very pleased with the way he handled this situation.  It’s made me feel a lot more confident with Mike at the wheel, steering the Abattis ship.

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Abattis (ATTBF) Already Performing Marijuana Growth Testing with LED Light?

The Abattis (ATTBF) share price has been taking a beating for a long time.  To the untrained eye, the company appears to be standing still and not showing any progress.

The dirty tango between Affinor and Abattis, including some downright suspicious P.R. moves by Affinor, isn’t helping matters either.  Would it be any surprise to learn that many investors have been selling out of sheer frustration the past few months?

Since ATTBF investors are already on edge, I’m not going to build up suspense and start some obnoxious 30 second drumroll.  Instead, I’m going to cut to the chase and just explain what I think is… or will officially be… good news.

I believe Abattis is currently undergoing testing with LED technology –but– they will be unable to announce the success and future implications of the trials for a while, possibly a few more months.

I’ve gathered a lot of clues from different sources, and some new visual evidence helped confirm by original suspicions.  Let’s first revisit a twitter picture post made on Nov 19, 2014 by Mr. Brayden Sutton, whom apparently had the pleasure of touring the BioCube and LED light technology.

Biocube Tour - Nov 19
Take a minute to note the little details in the room.  You’re about to see something very similar again soon.

Although we could determine that Abattis had created an environment for their technology, no word or follow-up about the testing ever surfaced.  Some investors even claimed that upon contacting the company in December, Abattis denied that the testing had even started.  The lack of progress disheartened some outspoken investors, but then…

Not too much later, right before Christmas of 2014, a site known as Led Horticulture posted several pictures about an anonymous LED light test being performed with medical marijuana via GrowthStarLED.


Go ahead and view some of the pictures for the full effect.  I thought this picture was the most interesting:

GrowthStarLED Test
See the resemblances to the twitter picture posted earlier?

Yes it’s true that the two pictures would have been taken from completely different angles, and under different lighting effects.  It’s not bulletproof evidence by itself, and I won’t argue that.

One specific and very intriguing section on the LED Horticulture blog post states:

This Vancouver producer asked to stay anonymous because of strict new Medical marijuana advertising laws in Canada that require them not to make marijuana products so appealing.

For those that don’t know, Abattis is headquartered in Vancouver, BC.

They also bring up another noteworthy point about advertising.  Don’t expect Abattis to confirm or deny any of this.  Not yet anyway.

Massive production of marijuana is still a very sensitive topic in both the U.S. and Canada as well.  I’m also sure Health Canada is aware and uncomfortable with the fact that many hopeful MMPR licensed growers were having a field day, constantly touting their plans and projections on Facebook, Twitter and “you name it,” while watching their stock prices soar.

The last thing Abattis would want to risk is their professional reputation with the Canadian government.  I don’t expect any confirmation from Mike Withrow about Abattis testing until they are good and ready.  And so it should be.

If you dumped your ATTBF stock during the final months of 2014 because you grew impatient, waiting for some juicy P.R., I think you’re going to really regret it.  ATTBF needs to be treated as a long term investment.

Complicated strategies surround this company and any serious investor hoping to eventually be rewarded will need to show a little endurance.

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Happy 2015 to you and your marijuana investments!

Happy new year everyone!

I had some great developers and site commentators with 420 Stock Talk, and I’m afraid that I blew it …..

Last fall, I had to put this aside to focus on other matters.  But instead of wasting time placing blame on the coincidences that unfolded, I’m getting this site back into shape and focusing on the future.

I certainly didn’t fail to notice that anyone with marijuana investments was probably singing the blues during the last couple quarters.  I know it’s been rough, and I’ve seen my portfolio take a beating as well.

That’s fine.  Most of us that have been playing this game for 1+ years knew the rebound was unlikely to occur in the blink of an eye.  We moved up too quickly and forcefully during January and February of 2014.  I suspect the market players will learn from their mistakes this time around, but time will tell.

I’m looking forward to 2015 and paving the way for good companies in this industry to thrive.  The MMPR process is being reformed, legal states in the U.S. are attracting investors’ eyes, and some of the flaky “marijuana” companies are nearly finished being dumped.

This could be a great year for marijuana investments.  The journey has begun!

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