Abattis (ATTBF) Already Performing Marijuana Growth Testing with LED Light?

The Abattis (ATTBF) share price has been taking a beating for a long time.  To the untrained eye, the company appears to be standing still and not showing any progress.

The dirty tango between Affinor and Abattis, including some downright suspicious P.R. moves by Affinor, isn’t helping matters either.  Would it be any surprise to learn that many investors have been selling out of sheer frustration the past few months?

Since ATTBF investors are already on edge, I’m not going to build up suspense and start some obnoxious 30 second drumroll.  Instead, I’m going to cut to the chase and just explain what I think is… or will officially be… good news.

I believe Abattis is currently undergoing testing with LED technology –but– they will be unable to announce the success and future implications of the trials for a while, possibly a few more months.

I’ve gathered a lot of clues from different sources, and some new visual evidence helped confirm by original suspicions.  Let’s first revisit a twitter picture post made on Nov 19, 2014 by Mr. Brayden Sutton, whom apparently had the pleasure of touring the BioCube and LED light technology.

Biocube Tour - Nov 19
Take a minute to note the little details in the room.  You’re about to see something very similar again soon.

Although we could determine that Abattis had created an environment for their technology, no word or follow-up about the testing ever surfaced.  Some investors even claimed that upon contacting the company in December, Abattis denied that the testing had even started.  The lack of progress disheartened some outspoken investors, but then…

Not too much later, right before Christmas of 2014, a site known as Led Horticulture posted several pictures about an anonymous LED light test being performed with medical marijuana via GrowthStarLED.


Go ahead and view some of the pictures for the full effect.  I thought this picture was the most interesting:

GrowthStarLED Test
See the resemblances to the twitter picture posted earlier?

Yes it’s true that the two pictures would have been taken from completely different angles, and under different lighting effects.  It’s not bulletproof evidence by itself, and I won’t argue that.

One specific and very intriguing section on the LED Horticulture blog post states:

This Vancouver producer asked to stay anonymous because of strict new Medical marijuana advertising laws in Canada that require them not to make marijuana products so appealing.

For those that don’t know, Abattis is headquartered in Vancouver, BC.

They also bring up another noteworthy point about advertising.  Don’t expect Abattis to confirm or deny any of this.  Not yet anyway.

Massive production of marijuana is still a very sensitive topic in both the U.S. and Canada as well.  I’m also sure Health Canada is aware and uncomfortable with the fact that many hopeful MMPR licensed growers were having a field day, constantly touting their plans and projections on Facebook, Twitter and “you name it,” while watching their stock prices soar.

The last thing Abattis would want to risk is their professional reputation with the Canadian government.  I don’t expect any confirmation from Mike Withrow about Abattis testing until they are good and ready.  And so it should be.

If you dumped your ATTBF stock during the final months of 2014 because you grew impatient, waiting for some juicy P.R., I think you’re going to really regret it.  ATTBF needs to be treated as a long term investment.

Complicated strategies surround this company and any serious investor hoping to eventually be rewarded will need to show a little endurance.

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6 thoughts on “Abattis (ATTBF) Already Performing Marijuana Growth Testing with LED Light?

  1. This is pure AWESOME if its true!!!

    We’re going to get to see ATTBF financials soon too. If they can show off a little rev from sales and Mike can release information about successful tests soon this stock could blast into the skies!


  2. 2015 is starting too look like a great year for abattis. We should see some biocube sales. Now theres hte new partnership with empirical labs. I wouldnt obsess over growing the plants too much. Theres real money in the science of extraction and oils. Youre watching the slow rise of a great empire here.

  3. The picture post is different when you check his Twitter, it is not of an empty room but of a biocube with basil growing. Nov 19 2014

    1. Braydin’s twitter?? He’s showing off two different things in those pictures. There’s biocubes and then the LED light room. The biocubes test was growing basil but the LED test was showing off mj.

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