Abattis – ATTBF Investors Sing The Blues As CEO Mike Withrow Unexpectedly Exits The Throne Room

I’m not a fan of hosting pity parties or erupting with obnoxious levels of optimism to help sugercoat a painful experience.

The Abattis CEO and former mastermind, Mike Withrow, that many investors came to respect over these past couple years has been replaced with William Fleming.  ATTBF fell below 10 cents per share and is sitting deep in the red.

Financial data was released on 1/28, and aside from a little revenue from Phytalab, the big buck opportunities are yet to be witnessed.

There it is.  That’s the reality.  For the longs, this hurts.

Following these discouraging announcements, many long term ATTBF investors have officially thrown in the towel, washed their portfolio clean of the remaining shares, and made no hesitation in voicing their anger and disappointment.

Do I blame them?  No.  I’m also disappointed.

And for the ATTBF investors acting as if they’re overjoyed that the stock they bought at 20 cents — or 50 cents — or even 2 dollars — is now sitting between 7 and 10 cents because it provides a new, incredible buying opportunity — let’s get real.  You may be stocking up right now, but you’re also feeling the pain with everyone else.

Will I follow the sellers?  NO.  Not based on these events alone.

This story has yet to entirely play out, and it’s very easy to lose focus of the long term possibilities, while solely concentrating on the potential catastrophes, when you’re smacked upside the head with multiple disappointments all at once.

Yes, I have mixed feelings about what transpired in January 2015.  Although it’s easy to touch on the negatives, I think we should also carefully take time to reflect on some positives.

I want to congratulate a rather popular Abattis advocate on both the Investors Hub community and Twitter who goes by “Shark Attack.”  This individual just recently presented an excellent 12 point summary explaining why he remains an ATTBF long on I-Hub, and it’s worth the read for anyone sitting on either side of the fence.

You can read the official posting here, but I’ve also provided a copy below, since I’ve had a couple of my readers imply that posts often mysteriously disappear on I-Hub.

Originally posted on Thursday, 01/29/15 08:46:54 AM

Shark Attack Abattis

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6 thoughts on “Abattis – ATTBF Investors Sing The Blues As CEO Mike Withrow Unexpectedly Exits The Throne Room

  1. Thats a relief, I read your posts last week, thought you might be some paid abattis pumper, but I appreciate your candor here. Holding, not buying more, need to see what ceo Bill has in the bag, all there is to it.

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