Caught on the wrong end of a pump and dump? You probably just need to move on.

This is the first email reply post in what may eventually develop into a special topic.  I’m essentially issuing a public response to questions and comments submitted to me by email, because the information could also be very helpful or interesting to others.

I’m quite regrettably late in responding to this individual, and he actually contacted me in late 2014.  Better late than never, I guess…………..

From: k***********

Hello there,

I have my money in anas and qasp. i already lost 95% of my money in anas bought it back at 0.0075 now down to 0.0003. I need your help now. Is good idea to buy more now to bring my coast down or we will see a rs here and lost all our money. Please help me out.

I should first clarify that I have no intentions of ever telling someone “you should invest ‘x’ dollars into company XYZ.”  I’m not your financial advisor.  I don’t know your personal goals, current financial health, or risk tolerance.

However, I can sympathize with the crooked turn that befell ANAS and I have to say it’s no surprise to me that it’s sitting in the gutter.  This stock had all the classic pump and dump symptoms and the reputation of the previously so-called “benefactor,” Ray Barton, has really come into the light.  It’s not pretty, and I’d move on without looking back.

I’m not acquainted with QASP, but if its fundamentals are not any more impressive than ANAS, you might as well cut your losses and seek out new investments.  Chasing the end of a dump and hoping for another pump to resurrect the share price doesn’t pan out too often.

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One thought on “Caught on the wrong end of a pump and dump? You probably just need to move on.

  1. HAAA Ray barton is a scammer sorry if u lost money but that wil teach u to listen to wolf of ws and other idiot pumper lolz

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