I wish we lived in a society that consisted of more personal responsibility and a strict following of my own personal “analyze before acting” motto.  Alas, we do NOT.

Sadly, these risky penny stocks in immature industries attract some of the most foolish of gamblers and the most indignant of cry babies.  It’s a tragic truth that certain personalities are always compelled to bet the farm on something exciting they read about on the internet or through a news service without first carefully taking the time to understand all the risks involved.

Please don’t play the fool here.  Be vigilant in your own due diligence and take very careful note of our disclaimer, which is as follows:


Investing in marijuana stocks and any other penny stocks is considered an extremely risky endeavor.  None of the information presented on this site should be treated as professional investment advice.  You are solely responsible for any investment related action you take regarding any of the stocks mentioned or discussed on the 420 Stock Talk site.  This includes, but is not limited to articles, pages, special company overview material, and commentary sections.  Be aware that we may not regularly review the commentary sections embedded within certain articles and pages, which are generally intended for open discussion.  If you act upon any claims or information submitted to commentary sections, you do so entirely at your own risk.

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