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Welcome everyone! This forum is fairly new and we're still in the process of tweaking. It was inspired by ATTBF investors looking for an alternative to discussing the company on I-Hub. However, if there's another marijuana stock that new members would like me to create an additional board for, please let me know. I'm open to expanding this if the demand exists.
- GK (420StockTalk)

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All you need to do is just obtain a registration, since a trade mark ought to be distinctive for the goods and services which you really provide. One other important matter is the fact that it should not be illustrative or deceptive, since a trade mark may be filed in various categories of services and goods. It's possible for you to find around 45 different kinds of groups and all of them are there to cover services and all goods in trade. A correctly preferred trade mark can even last around ten years, and must be renewed only after. All brands can in fact be registered on a national level, even internationally or European basis. In the event you are one of those who trade worldwide, it is rather crucial that you look into International Registration. Now you can simply relax in front of your personal computer and find out more about trade marks and passing off solicitors, being sure that we supply guidelines and sufficient info to make your decision a right one.
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