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Welcome everyone! This forum is fairly new and we're still in the process of tweaking. It was inspired by ATTBF investors looking for an alternative to discussing the company on I-Hub. However, if there's another marijuana stock that new members would like me to create an additional board for, please let me know. I'm open to expanding this if the demand exists.
- GK (420StockTalk)

Be Honest With Your Addiction - Here's 4 Steps to Help

Imagine walking into the office one morning and finding out that the bank card services had been terminated overnight. They were stop not for insufficient payment rather than if you are involved in an illegal business, but rather we were holding cut-off for indeterminate "unacceptable business practices." This is a reality facing many those who own medical cannabis dispensaries who get "creative" with their applications; and when you fabricated the application it's really a legitimate termination - but this is not forever the situation.

Investigators inside Department of Clinical Psychiatry and Psychotherapy with the Medical School of Hanover in Germany published their findings inside the March 1999 issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry. According to their results, in an uncontrolled open medical trial, a 25 year old male patient suffering with Tourette's syndrome was successfully treated with a unitary 10 mg dose of MMJ. The severity of the vocal tic reduced from as high as forty one to only seven in just a couple of hours after cannabinoid therapy.

Physicians who recommend marijuana medicinally are protected from federal prosecution as long as they don't have a go at distribution or production. Thousands of doctors are recommending marijuana under state medicinal marijuana laws, therefore far, no person may be punished through the federal government.

When a young pregnant woman abuses crack, it quickly enters her bloodstream and rushes to everyone elements of her body including to her developing baby. Thus, Crack abuse by mother in pregnancy exposes the newborn to dangerous toxins. Mothers abusing Crack, in pregnancy are putting their unborn children in terrible danger. The effects of Crack Cocaine are only now beginning to be understood, especially for the unborn fetus. Some of the dangerous effects associated with Crack Cocaine on the unborn fetus include:

To address this issue, the "Voter Power" organization has started the process of getting an initiative on the ballot, I-28, which will legalize occurance of regulated medical cannabis dispensaries. These dispensaries will be able to sell patients in the OMMA program marijuana legally for use for medicinal purposes. Most likely several dispensaries would open in Portland, the state's largest city.
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