MDIN, BTCC, and ANAS stock a scam or just an unexplicit relationship?

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I remember when ANAS stock (Alternaturals Inc) made a yahoo news appearance about what is supposed to be its flagship product, 5 Hour High, which was later announced to be produced in the near future by Kush Creams.  It seemed to have a small following for a while, and then the interest seemed to gradually wear away, bringing the stock price with it.

An individual that is holding ANAS emailed me a very interesting set of findings when looking into the internet presence of Alternaturals, along with 2 other companies:  Northstar Global Business Services, Inc. (OTC: MDIN) and Bitcoin Collect, Inc. (OTC: BTCC).  I suppose it’s worth mentioning that BTCC recently changed its name from Solpower Corp and was trading under the ticker SOCR.

I’ve been given permission by the author to post the report on 420 Stock Talk, so here it is.  If you are currently invested in or thinking of soon investing in MDIN, BTCC, or ANAS stock, you will definitely want to read on and grasp a better understanding of how all these stocks are intertwined.

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Some may still remember ANAS, the stock that skyrocketed from 0.0030 to almost a penny in a single day after a yahoo PR announcement and some help from the Wolf of Weed Street.  What you may not know is that other investors have raised concerns about similarities between ANAS and Northstar Global Business Services, Inc (MDIN) on boards such as iHub.  Speculations seem to range from a mere noticeable and potentially coincidental resemblance between the two companies, all the way to concern that someone – perhaps Raymond Barton – is running a more sophisticated series of pump and dump scams.

From observing both ANAS and MDIN investors’ online discussion and reading the reports and PR releases (available on OTC markets), it was clear to me that they did indeed have very similar products, and stories about investors patiently waiting for “big news” that was expected to rocket the stock price.  They are also both undoubtedly tied to Raymond Barton, although the extent of his current involvement is largely unknown with ANAS:

Emmanuel Gyamfi mentions Ray Barton

You can read about Raymond Barton’s involvement on pages 8-9 of MDIN’s report here, in which he was appointed CEO, but later resigned after the money ran dry:

After repeatedly reading that “ANAS and MDIN had NO connection to one another” (aside from an ambiguous Ray Barton tie) on several boards by various investors and participants, I still thought the similarities were far too suspicious.  I decided to take a closer look.

First of all, I did a WHOIS search on (ANAS).  The registration information is completely hidden, protected by a private registration service (Domains By Proxy, LLC).  The domain registrar is GoDaddy.

Next a WHOIS search for, Med Gen Inc (MDIN) and North Star’s main site.  The registrant is Raymond Barton, from Melville, New York.   The domain registrar is also GoDaddy.  Okay, so we’ve confirmed that both companies utilize GoDaddy for domain registration and Raymond initiated the purchase for North Star / Med Gen Inc (MDIN).  Overall, not too much there yet, right?

Next, I performed an “nslookup” on  This showed that the ANAS site’s domain name was pointing at IP:

Now for the real eye-opener.  I’ve just run a reverse IP domain check from “you get signal” on the IP  For those unfamiliar with this research tool, “you get signal” has a great description on their site — “A reverse IP domain check takes a domain name or IP address pointing to a web server and searches for other sites known to be hosted on that same web server.

Here were the results of the check for IP

YouGetSignal Report of IPYou’ll immediately notice that Alternaturals (ANAS) and North Star (MDIN) are listed, but also take note of another (OTC) penny stock by the name of SolPower (SOCR), which is now trading as Bitcoin Collect (BTCC) .

What does this mean?  All these sites are hosted on the exact same server at!  Just to be “extra sure,” I ran nslookup on “” as well, and sure enough – it’s using the same IP:

Let me carefully expand upon all this, because someone entirely unfamiliar with web hosting services may not understand any significance in this discovery. First of all, the fact that those 3 sites use domains by a registrar as large as GoDaddy (or even the same identity/registration protection service) doesn’t really demonstrate much by itself. All that did was perk my curiosity and led me to the nslookup, which led to far more eyebrow raising discoveries.

The fact that they all share the same IP address shows the relationship worthy of consideration. Shared hosting products tend to have 100’s (if not 1000’s) of domains/sites on a single server. Site owners purchase relatively cheap hosting (usually $5-10/mo), and in return, the hosting company places several clients on the same bulky server. So, in this regard, no single client on the server has full control of its resources (CPU, RAM, storage, etc), and a single IP’s use is split (or “shared”) among several clients.  If the 3 sites I mentioned above were listed with 100’s or 1000’s of other sites, I might not be as concerned.

However, this nslookup shows only a small handful of sites on the same IP, which indicates that the server is almost indefinitely a GoDaddy VPS or fully dedicated server. In either case, the product is owned by a single person or entity, which essentially has exclusive control over that single IP. Put simply, whoever owns that GoDaddy product is administrating *all* the sites on that IP.

Upon doing a little more digging, I found some other similarities among these sites.  One of the most notable is the site design and implementation itself.  All sites use the WordPress content management system, and have pages with similar design (i.e. the “Investor Relations” page on all sites has the same layout).

If you study the PPS history of MDIN and SOCR/BTCC, you’ll notice they show similar patterns as well.  These are stocks that have apparently spiked high on news, and then slowly crawled back to record lows.  ANAS hasn’t been around quite as long, but you’ll see it now mimics the journey on the same downward road.

I don’t know if there’s a single “man behind the curtain” here, pulling all the strings, and trying to hide a massive secret (such as a major pump and dump engine), OR if it’s something much less sinister.  However, the rabbit hole is starting to go deeper and these findings are a tad daunting.

Plenty of questions remain unanswered about Ray Barton.  It’s further intriguing that shortly after ANAS announced that Kush Creams would be manufacturing their long awaited 5 Hour High product, news of a licensing agreement between MDIN and Kush Creams also surfaced.  Though, after everything I’ve laid out above, this shouldn’t seem too jaw dropping.

My last words are simple, sweet, and paramount to protecting yourself:  Be careful and do your due diligence before investing in anything!

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3 thoughts on “MDIN, BTCC, and ANAS stock a scam or just an unexplicit relationship?

  1. Wow all part of a larger Ray Barton scam. Those stocks have been slipping toward $0 for months now that all the hype is dead. Now I see why thanks.

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