Jason Barkeloo selling off Tauriga Sciences (TAUG) stake?

Selling FITX Stock

Some TAUG (Tauriga Sciences, Inc) investors aren’t particularly pleased with what appears to be some impatience on Jason Barkeloo and Bacterial Robots’ part.  Per the Form 4 filed on 8/12/14, Mr. Barkeloo disposed of TAUG securities in the following amounts:

8/8/14 — 1781000

8/11/14 — 1719000


The frustration is understandable in context.  TAUG flew ahead from 0.02 to almost 0.06 a share from late June to mid July.  This was followed by a test of endurance from loyal holders, as TAUG stock has gradually declined back below 0.03.  You can’t blame Barkeloo for wiping out the entire 3 week 200% gain, but at the same time, it certainly doesn’t help steer the price in the other direction.

No point in dragging out too much speculation at this point.  The good news is that TAUG CEO Stella Sung is often praised for her transparency and willingness to communicate directly with shareholders.  If you’re a concerned shareholder, it sounds like she’ll be happy to answer your questions.  Don’t be afraid to give them a call.

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